A Guest Blog from Carol Lynn Pearson


Today we have a special entry from Carol Lynn Pearson, the original playwright of FACING EAST, who shares her thoughts on the adaptation of the play into a new musical.

When I first received an email from Nathan Gardner suggesting the idea of a musical adaptation of my play “Facing East,” I think my jaw dropped and I thought—who is this crazy man? A musical? Musicals are big–like singing and dancing. “Facing East” is small—like a bullet in the heart.

Upon meeting Nathan I discovered he was not crazy, but oddly visionary.

And upon seeing the adaptation and hearing some of the creative, beautiful and moving songs, I too now have the vision. The musical incarnation of my play will not violate the intimacy of the story, but will intensify the emotion in a way that only music can.

I look forward to watching this new creation take flight.

Carol Lynn

Creator of Mortimer Sparks, one part of Duck and Mouse.

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